What is Card Shark Original Wear?

Card Shark Original Wear is a clothing brand distinct by its illustrious design style and fine hand-drawn artwork at a level of quality that is second to none.

The deep and intricate work that goes into all stages of the design process ensures each garment is literally a work of art. The fine tattoo style with familiar roses, skulls and crosses is combined with both a broader scope of design and garment picks in terms of colours and style, but also primarily with the culture that surrounds playing cards: poker, gambling, card magic.

Card Shark Original Wear makes garments you will be proud to wear at your favourite casino, cardroom or home poker game, or performing cardistry on the streets, in a club: wherever you are, the words Card Shark emblazoned across your shoulders while you do your thing will be noticed, and remarked upon.

Card Shark is not just for poker players though, lovers of card magic, tattoo artwork, rock music, fashion and indeed anyone with a discerning eye for quality will find in Card Shark a lifestyle accessory they will come to love and collect.

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